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AGN 8 Comments 2017-02-12 11:46:06

To All the customers that have bought from us and that have made contact with  suggestions on product range and or services you would like to see in-place, please keep it up. We welcome constructive criticism, opinions and suggestions.



   by Raymond from Bloemfontein   2018-10-18 06:33:30 / Reply

This week I ordered a Compatto regulator as I fiddled mine to death.
Eugene set the new one up to my specs and delivered overnight.
Thank you for your speedy response.

   by Winzoblack from Polokwane   2018-09-20 09:11:35 / Reply

I bought an RTI Priest this past week in .22 (5.5mm).
I know it is still early days but....
Well all I can say is that this gun is frikin amazing! It is quiet, super accurate and (for me at least) drop dead gorgeous! It's simplicity, functionality and efficiency is jaw-dropping.
The shot count and fps consistency is great. I am so impressed that I am looking at selling my other guns and buying at least a .30 barrel kit for it very soon.

I honestly think that this is one of the most under-rated bull-pups out there!

If I had any complaints about the gun, it would be that the metal air tank makes the gun a little heavy and that it only comes with 1 magazine.

The service received was fantasic, advice is great and my only regret is that I did not find these guys sooner.

Keep up the great work guys!

   by Mark from Cape Town   2018-09-18 19:20:28 / Reply

I have to say I am extremely impressed. I have had a couple of issues with my RTI Priest and they have been sorted out immediately by Eugene. The service has been exceptional and I cannot say enough about how happy I am with this gun. In this day and age to get after sales service like I have received here is not common. Based on that alone. I will be be back. Eugene went out of his way to ensure I am satisfied. Much appreciated, keep it up.

   by Willem from Paarl   2018-09-17 09:28:08 / Reply

Eugene's patience, honest advice and excellent service has convinced me that there are still some companies that look beyond their bank balance by focusing on the passion of air gunnery. Thanks Eugene, the Wildcat is insanely accurate - I will come back for more!

   by Raymond from Bloemfontein   2018-01-08 08:39:33 / Reply

I ordered a Brocock Compatto from Eugene and it arrived overnight.
The service from Eugene was professional and he kept me in the loop all the way up to delivery.
The rifle itself is a gem and exceeds all my expectations.
Many thanks yet again!!

   by VictorCale from Johannesburg   2017-12-04 13:34:04 / Reply

I ordered the Huma regulated Brocock Compatto 5.5 CAL (FAC version), initially I had issues with air being lost after filling but at no stage of this issue was it a problem for Eugene who provided excellent service and suggestions. After the second failure we sent the problem rifle back and received a new unit promptly. We are now extremely happy with the product, it is extremely high quality and achieves all the maker's claims. I have done a variety of shooting at the range and the accuracy is impressive. It is both an accurate and very powerful hunting rifle. We took it for a hunt on a Vaal River farm, our target species in particular were guinea fowl - my eleven year old bagged a plump fowl in his first shot. The bird was at 35m and the shot went through the bird with the power setting in the middle. We have previously hunted with springer rifles with mixed results when it came to guinea fowl, but this 'weapon' cannot be compared as it will kill fast and clean. I highly recommend 'AIRGUN-NUT' as they have quality products with a service approach to match.

   by HarryCZ from Johannesburg   2017-08-05 18:45:06 / Reply

I just want to say thanks to Eugene for the excellent service I got from him. I ordered a Altaros regulator for my CZ200 from him and had it the following day. And the regulator WOW.

   by HarryCZ from Johannesburg   2017-08-05 18:35:42 / Reply

I Ordered an Altaros regulator from Eugene for my CZ200. and a day later I had it. He personally kept me up to date with my order. Thank you Eugene.
And the regulator WOW