Aquila Digital Optics
ADS Lightweight DAY / NIGHT Mill Spec Thermal Scope.

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  • Military Spec
  • 1000 G shockproof
  • Water Proof to IP 67
  • Light weight
  • Ultra Compact (one of the most compact units)
  • Long distance Human size target detection range up to 1200m / Vehicles up to 1500m
  • Built-in WIFI for video transmission to mobile for covert surveillance and around the corner shooting
  • E-compass for accurate direction
  • Range finding reticle
  • Easy Intuitive Operation


Sensor VOX
Viewing Resolution  384X288 pixel
Frame rate 50HZ
Pitch 17um
Lens 25mm
Image manual, Auto0,Auto1
Thermal color White hot,black hot,IR color1,2,3
MRTD ≤30mk
FOV 14.9°X11.2°
DDE yes
Eye relief 42mm
Battery 1X18650 battery
Working hours ≥10 hours
Starting time ≤10 s
Length (without eye-shield) 137mm
Weight (with battery) 470g
Reticle Adjustment range ±15 Mil
Accuracy ≤0.4Mil
Zeroing ≤0.5 Mil
Slope ≤ 30′
Working temperature -46℃ to 71℃
Storage Temperature -40℃ to 70℃
Detection distance Human(1.7X0.5m) 1200m
Vehicle (2.3X2.3m) 1500m
Identification distance Human(1.7X0.5m) 800m
Vehicle (2.3X2.3m) 1200m