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Aquila Sport Optics
34/30mm Adjustable Mounts

Aquila Sport Optics
Picatinny to Dove Tail adaptors

Artemis T18 (Zoomable T18 hunting light with Wireless remote with interchangeable LED modules)

  • Brinyte T18 Artemis
  • BRINYTE T18 Artemis is a zoomable flashlight using imported CREE LED and high transmittance resin lens. Plus patented wireless remote control switch which can control T18 Artemis for 5 meters distance and adjust any brightness you need(2%-100%), making this flashlight more outstanding in terms of light efficiency utilization and ease of operation. What’s more, its Interchangeable copper LED module and tail tactical switch design, it is a good choice for hunting, military, outdoor sports, and other activities.
  • Featuring
  • Powered by 1*21700 Li-ion battery
  • Brinyte Patented wireless remote control and dimmer step-less switch
  • Interchangeable copper LED module design
  • Rotate the body of flashlight can make beam zoom in and out
  • Tail tactical switch design, one-touch to Turbo
  • Highly transparent resin lens for more effective light penetration
  • Reverse polarity protection design, to protect from improper battery installation
  • Regulated power supply maintains the constant current output
  • Overcharge, over-discharge and over-heat protection
  • Aircraft-grade high strength aluminum AL-6061-T6 with premium Type III military hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish

Brinyte T28-IR Artemis The ultimate Hunting IR vision companion Cost effective Night Time White Light and dual frequency IR Illuminator

  • BRINYTE T28-IR Artemis is a zoomable flashlight with its own patented tri-color lighting sources control switch design. Utilize one CREE white LED, one Osram IR850 LED and one Osram IR940 LED, easy to meet users' multi-lighting sources requirements. Unique tail step less dimmer switch design, it is very convenient to adjust any brightness you need. T28-IR Artemis will be an excellent light choice for hunting and other outdoor activities.
  • ANSI/NEMA FL1 Highest(White) Highest(Red) Highest(Green)
  • Output(Flood/Spot) 650+Lumens/360+Lumens 140+Lumens/55+Lumens 130+Lumens/70+Lumens
  • Runtime 135mins 220mins 270mins
  • Beam Distance 525+m/572+yards 255+m/277+yards 340+m/370+yards
  • Intensity 69600+cd 16480+cd 29160+cd
  • Impact Resistant 1m/1.09yards
  • Protection Proof IP66
  • Working Voltage 3.0-4.2V
  • Dimension 182~196mm(Length) x 25.4mm(Body Dia) x 54mm(Head Dia)
  • Net weight 200g/7.05oz(excluding battery)

SR8 Rescue Angel

  • Brinyte SR8 Rescue Angel
  • BRINYTE SR8 Rescue Angel utilizes one imported CREE LED. Its maximum output can reach 2100+lumens and its maximum beam distance can reach 1050+m. Battery holder places 4 pcs 18650 batteries with the magnetic charging system and charging indicator, easy to charge the batteries and master the charging progress. Plus simple modes operation, SR8 Rescue Angel is a good choice of a lighting device for searching and rescue, camping, and other outdoor activities.

Anti Mirage Insert

  • SunShadeFoam
  • Fits objective diameters up to 65 mm.
  • For 40 years BulzEyePro ® has been developing SunShadeFoam to create specific qualities. SunShadeFoam is 5/8-inch thick and 3-inch x 8-inch in size.
  • When you see what this product does to the detrimental effects from mirage you will have a leg up on your competition!
  • Installation instructions:
  • Roll up the SunShade Foam with the smooth side/surface on the outside and the ribbed side/surface on the inside of the roll.
  • Insert rolled up SunShade Foam into scope sun shade.
  • Can be cut to length with a sharp knife for a precision fit.
  • Use SunShade Foam when mirage is a problem or just about any time and you will be happy that you did.
  • BulzEyePro ® SunShade Foam
  • You can custom cut to fit any scope's sun shade!

BulzEyePro Optical Boosters

R 1,850.00
  • Exact Pricing will depend on your selection of fitting and lens strength
  • Clearer Image
  • Clearer Reticle
  • Easier Parallax adjustment
  • Does not distort or negatively impact on the optics at all

Hawkeye Firefly 8SE true 4K HD Action Camera BEST VALUE & QUALITY (As used by various Video Bloggers)

  • Main Features:
  • 90 degree FOV, with no distortion.
  • Equipped with Ambarella A12S75 chip, presents high quality videos ( 4K / 30fps, 1080P / 120fps, 1080P / 60fps Super-view, 720P / 120fps ).
  • Top-level IMX117 image sensor, producing very good wide dynamic range imaging effect.
  • Low illumination performance, present good video quality and vivid colour even in low light environment.
  • Support Bluetooth remote controller ( not included ).
  • Support external microphone ( included ).
  • You can download the APP "firefly" in Google Play or Apple Store.
  • A non-distortion version with 90 degree lens.

Blueprint Mounts 25mm double strap high silver

Blueprint Mounts 25mm double strap medium black

  • BluePrint Scope Mounts
  • Made exclusively in the UK by Sportsmatch these double-screw mounts are available in low, medium and high format, with 25 or 30 mm rings and rust-proofed mounting screws
  • 9.5 – 11.5mm (3/8″) dovetails
  • Commonly used on rimfire and airguns BluePrint mounts double screw fixings avoid the scope movement (creep) of inferior, cheaper mounts.
  • To fit
  • 25mm tube
  • Double Strap
  • Low, Medium or High
  • Black
  • To fit
  • 25mm tube
  • Double Strap
  • Medium or High
  • Silver
  • To fit
  • 30mm tube
  • Double Strap
  • Medium or High
  • Black
  • To fit
  • 30mm tube
  • Double Strap
  • Medium or High
  • Silver
  • MTC ConnectaMount
  • MTC are pleased to introduce the ConnectaMount, a mount specifically designed to work with the MTC Viper Connect 3-12X32 and SL 3-12X24.
  • This mount will only work with the Connect scopes, but is perfect for their mounting on any rifle with a standard 11mm rail.
  • MTC ConnectaMounts are designed to be used only with the MTC Viper Connect 3-12X32 and MRC Viper Connect SL 3-12X24.

Blueprint Mounts 25mm double strap medium silver

Blueprint Mounts 30mm double strap medium or high black

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