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Bantam MK II (480cc Carbon Bottle) Black Synthetic .177, .22, .25

Bantam Sniper HR(480cc Carbon Bottle) Black Synthetic .177, .22, .25

Cerakote color surcharge

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Cerakote Option

  • Cerakote is one of a few divisions of NIC Industries in Oregon, USA, and was founded in 1984. It's primary focus is on developing and manufacturing the highest performing line of ceramic coatings available anywhere in the world.
  • To date Cerakote has developed hundreds ceramic colors and finishes and is used by more firearm manufacturers than any other firearm coating. This makes Cerakote the world leader in firearm coatings.
  • Cerakote H-Series is a heat-cure polymer-ceramic composite coating developed by the NIC in the mid 80's, using space age ceramic technologies and techniques. Cerakote C-Series is an extreme high temp polymer-ceramic composite air cure coating developed by NIC as a protective coating for exhaust systems and engine parts that are exposed to excessive temperature ranges
  • While Cerakote was originally conceived as a protective coat for powder coatings on high performance parts, it has been in continuous development since then, and in time, Cerakote H-series emerged as one of the most usable, durable and rust proof firearm coatings in the world. It far outperforms all other options in almost every category one can think of.
  • Cerakote is versatile, and can be applied to metals, plastics, polymers or even wood. The unique formulation used for Cerakote ceramic coating enhances a number of physical performance properties of polymer/ceramic composites, including resistance against abrasion/wear, corrosion, and chemicals, as well as increasing impact strength and hardness. Each of these properties are rigorously and continuously tested to guarantee that Cerakote products remain at the forefront of the ceramic coatings market.
  • Cerakote takes great care in all aspects of their production, from raw material procurement to finish product shipping, no process is completed without rigorous quality control testing. While other coating manufacturers may spot check throughout their process, Cerakote completes a full battery of ASTM (Sort of the USA/International Bureau of Standards) tests from each and every batch. All orders are shipped with lot numbers which correspond to retained samples and test data that is kept on file for future reference. Cerakote's industry leading quality control process ensures their applicators consistently receive the highest quality ceramic coatings.

Commander Fixed Stock (480cc Carbon Bottle) Black Synthetic .177, .22, .25

  • Depicting Black Sniper only , fixed stock image to follow

Commander Folding Stock (480cc Carbon Bottle) Black Synthetic / Cerakote Optional .177, .22, .25

  • The Brocock Commander HR
  • The newest model in Brocock’s innovative line-up of multi-shot precharged pneumatics (PCPs), the side-bolt Commander matches performance and style in one, highly practical and very versatile package.
  • At the heart of its buddy-bottle action and indicated by its twin air gauges, the Commander incorporates a Huma regulator that integrates with its patented Slingshot Hammer and valve system to precisely meter air release and thus eradicate the ‘power curve’ usually associated with un-regulated PCPs. Bearing testimony to the resulting air efficiency, the Commander is capable of a power output up to 40 ft/lbs, with shot-counts in excess of 500 per charge according to configuration and calibre (.177, .22 and .25 barrels are available). Two alloy buddy-bottle options provide air capacities of 400 or 500cc, while the super-lightweight HiLite variant comes equipped with a 480cc carbon- fibre bottle.
  • To maximise handling and target acquisition, the Commander features an ergonomic drop-down pistol grip and retractable stock that allows for speedy length-of-pull adjustment, while on ‘export’ models, the butt can also be folded via a quick-release mechanism to make it even more compact, further facilitating carriage and storage. It’s also available in both synthetic and Cerakote finishes.
  • In keeping with its tactical looks, the Commander sports a number of practical features, from its Picatinny scope and accessory rails (with a tri-plate accessory rail option), through its in-guard manual safety catch and on-the-fly power adjuster, to its fast-throw side-bolt – the latter allowing quick cycling of the 10-shot, removable rotary magazine. A single-shot tray is supplied for more deliberate loading, however.
  • Further hi-tech features come in the shape of a full-length barrel shroud cum reflex silencer and ported muzzle brake – all designed to maximise all the accuracy on offer from the Commander’s Lothar Walther barrel, regulated action and totally recoil-free firing cycle.
  • Commander features include:
  • Huma regulator
  • Precharged from a dive cylinder or high pressure pump
  • Three power settings of low, medium and high
  • Removable self indexing 10 shot rotary magazine or single feed.
  • Black Synthetic stock with Cerakote option
  • Folding stock (Export models)
  • Picatinny scope mounting
  • Threaded muzzle
  • Slingshot hammer system (not .25 cal)
  • Two Stage trigger
  • Resettable safety catch
  • Available up to 40 ft/lbs muzzle energy
  • Weight from 3.1 kg
  • Length: 640mm folded, to 915mm
  • .177 (4.5 mm); .22 (5.5 mm) or .25 (6.35 mm)

Compatto MK II Black Soft Touch .177, .22, .25

Compatto MK II Black Synthetic .177, .22, .25

  • The Unregulated version of the latest offering in the Compatto

Compatto Sniper HR Black Soft Touch .177, .22, .25

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