AEA Precision Airguns SA
The Terminator (SA .22 , export .357)

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  • Terminator is arguably the most powerful semi-auto air gun in the world.
  • With a front and rear double cylinder structure, the whole gun has 700 CC of air. With an optional extension to 1000CC.
  • The rear cylinder is removeable whilst under pressure allowing customers to carry spare,.
  • Hot swap cylinders to meet the demand of a HP 5.5 to 9 mm semi-automatic air gun’s air consumption.
  • With 10 to 12 rounds magazine, the overall design is simple and reliable.
  • It is relatively light and high accuracy.
  • The Integral muffler can effectively control the substantial Bark of this powerhouse.

velocity:           with 950FPS   82GR
energy:             160ft/220joule
magazine:           .22 12shots  / .357 10shots      
Barrel Length :     20-24"  barrel
70c                 tank
                    Single shot ,semi autom free switch. 
                    Removable bottle 
                    250 Bar max fill pressure
                    Weight  : 3.72 Kg or 8.2lbs
                    Integral baffeled shroud


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