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Aquila Digital Thermal sensors and imagery 

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Aquila Digital Optics
ADO hand held remote thermal scanners

  • Remote sensing
  • Intelligent Integration to PC & Laptop Systems
  • Point and Sense
  • Very Accurate
  • Price On Enquiry

Aquila Digital Optics
ADO THERMAL Facial Recognition & Access Control

  • ADO-TFRS-AC Facial Recognition and temperature monitoring system (with smart recognition algorithms), that allows for wearing face masks, glasses etc.
  • Product Features
  •  Rugged design, stable proven platforms, waterproof, suitable for indoor / outdoor use.
  •  The HD, wide angel dynamic camera, uses automatic exposure technology to ensure the best possible facial recognition, automatically adjusting for various lighting conditions and environments
  •  The system uses advanced self learning algorithms and supports the storage of 20000 individual faces on its onboard databases. It has very high recognition speed and accuracy
  •  The system uses MVLVA (monocular visible light living algorithm), with rejection of ”person not present photos and videos”
  •  The System also supports a variety of recognition modes:
  •  Face only
  •  ID card only
  •  Face and card / swipe card
  •  Intelligent (face, ID card / swipe card and auto automatic switching)
  •  Network and USB supports for the uploading of ID cards and face data, as well as a stand-alone operation
  •  Supports real time data comparison of captured photos / ID’s of the System across networks
  •  Access control can be affected by issuing the stand alone platform or importing the unique identities or facial images locally. After comparing the results locally, the results can be uploaded to a network and data bases. Unique identification documents can be utilised in conjunction with or as stand-alone verification.
  •  The System supports local login and management, query and setting of System parameters on a menu driven platform. Data import and export can also be done through the U disk system.
  •  USB interface, external ID card reader and optional internal ID card reader
  •  The System can be set to give a fixed voice prompt following authentication or Rejection
  •  The System supports relay switching and supports the external access control host or Wigan card reader through Wigan protocol (W26 \ W34)
  •  Facemask facial recognition is supported for facial identification.
  •  Support external infrared temperature measurement module, resolution: 32 x 32, temperature with an accuracy: ± 0.3⁰ C

Aquila Digital Optics
Autonomous Remote Intelligent Thermal Scanner

  • Autonomous
  • Large volume tracking
  • Highly efficient
  • Ideal for Pre screening of elevated body temperatures.
  • Customisation for language and applications
  • Price On Enquiry

Aquila Digital Optics
Full Colour handheld thermal Camera

  •  Highly improved accuracy with adjustable temperature measurement
  •  Date and time can be set. Pictures can be taken as a time stamped record to track the infected person.
  •  the system Locks on the face of the person to improve accuracy.
  •  Light Weight 320 grams
  •  Uses 4 Gig SD card that can be read by / imported into persons treatment record

Aquila Digital Optics
Non-contact IR - Digital Thermometer

  • Features:
  • Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer, prevent potential cross infection.
  • Intelligent infrared sensor.
  • Large HD screen
  • High and low temperature alarm
  • Automatic shutdown
  • Two measuring modes: body temperature
  • surface temperature
  • Up to 34 sets of temperature data can be recorded.
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