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Full Colour handheld thermal Camera

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  •  Highly improved accuracy with adjustable temperature measurement
  •  Date and time can be set. Pictures can be taken as a time stamped record to track the infected person.
  •  the system Locks on the face of the person to improve accuracy.
  •  Light Weight 320 grams
  •  Uses 4 Gig SD card that can be read by / imported into persons treatment record

With a new Advanced sensor and real-time full color or 25% thermal  camera, it can be used in all fast screening applications.
Traditional thermometer gun can measure the temperature by directing it to the forehead of a person, while this model does not need to do this, when measuring the temperature, which can save a lot of time. Face temperature can quickly be displayed on the screen and the abnormal temperature will trigger an alarm. Picture can  be taken by pushing the trigger to capture a record of a person of interest instantly. 
A visual camera with a built in algorithm can tell the user whether the thermometer was pointed at the forehead or wrist etc. The visual image will be saved on a SD card, which can be  imported / read read by PC, to print /capture pictures or create a records. 
The on-board thermal sensor has a very low latency period and is instantly ready to capture data it can be applied in most situations, i.e. fast scanning of a groups of people. Potential applications are hospital, campus, immigration, mass transit checkpoints (taxi ranks,airports, train stations), malls, office buildings, etc.

High Volume and wholesale discounts offered.



Display                            2.4"full view, color
Sensor                            HS-60Hz
IR image resolution        32 x 32(1024 pixel)
visual resolution             0.3 megapixel
Lens                               2.1mm
Measure temperature     0.5m
Sensitivity                       0.1 ℃
Temperature range         30-45℃
Accuracy                       ➕➖0.2℃
Frame rate                     60 Hz
F number                       0.8
FOV                               90°X 90°
Emissivity                       0.1-1.0 adjustable
Image capture rates      60 Hz
Spectrum                      8-11.5um
Focus length                 Fixed
Image visual,                Thermal
view option                   25% IR view, full visual view and fusion
Storage                        SD,4GB
document type              .Bmp
Power                           4 x AA battery
Battery time                  6 hrs continuous 
Auto switch off             12 minutes
Certificate                    CE
Dimension                   212 mm x 95 mm x 62 mm
Weight                         320 g
Working temp.            -5°C to +40°C
Storage temp.             -20°C to+50°C
Relative humidity        10%RH to 80%RH



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