Aquila Digital Optics
Mil-Spec Holographic Thermal Gun Sites

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  • Description
  • Light weight, compact;
  • One button operation;
  • Laser red dot;
  • Five kinds of thermal color;
  • Four kinds of reticule;
  • See through the smoke and dust in the night;
  • Suitable for assault battle, etc;
  • Calibration data can be stored;


Resolution 320x280

Pixel size 17pm

Lens Size 13mm

Field of View 23.6"x20.7°

Detection range(target:1.7inx1'2m P|n)=99%) 476m

Frame rate 50Hz

Display 1.63" AMOLED

Laser 650nm

Electronic magnification 1X 2X 3X 4X

Reticle mode 4 colors and 4 types optional

Battery CR123x1

Battery life 3.5h

Protection Level IP67

Size 58.5mmx80.5mmx74.5mm

Weight <235 g (without battery)

Picatini Rail Quick Removal Interface