MTC Rapier Ballistic Rangefinder

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  • The ground-breaking MTC Optics Rapier Ballistic delivers a whole new level of shooting practicality, combining precision laser range-finding with at-a-glance POA information via a free app on your iOS or Android mobile phone.
  • Now, thanks to the Rapier Ballistic’s integrated Bluetooth technology, you can not only read off the target's range from the unit's LCD display, but also have your smartphone instantly calculate your scope's point of aim adjustment in clicks, mils or minutes of angle.
  • Uniquely, you can even have the data relayed verbally thanks to the Rapier Ballistic's supplied in-ear headset - ideal when shooting with a 'spotting' partner who is either out of earshot or when voice


•>) Bluetooth synchronization with iOS and Android smart phones

•>> Free-to-download ballistic data App automatically calculates scope's POA (in clicks/Mills/MOA and angle)

•>) Supplied Bluetooth earpiece relays in-ear distance and POA commands

•>) LCD display boasts three reticles and shows distance/POA settings

•>> 6x magnification with eyepiece dioptre adjustment

•>) 5 to 1,200m / 1, 300yd effective laser range (accuracy +/-1)

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Free download of Rapier Ballistic Rangefinder for Apple and Android Phones