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Rebuild kit for your regulator

R 225.00

Regulator 125 or 150 bar

R 1,306.80

Best Fittings
Rohm Twinmaster 1/8 BSP Fill Adaptor - Pre 2012 Models

R 344.50

Best Fittings
Rohm Twinmaster 1/8 BSP HPA Fill Adaptor - New Type For Walther Cylinders. Drilled through end. - 2012 Models Onwards M10 x 1 Thread

R 344.50

Best Fittings
Rohm Twinmaster 200/300 BAR DIN Charging Adaptor. New Type For Walther Cylinders. Drilled through end. - 2012 Models Onwards M10 x 1 Thread

R 438.75

Best Fittings
Rohm Twinmaster Fill Adaptor 'O' Rings 5 Pk

R 78.00

Best Fittings
Rohm Twinmaster with 300BAR DIN Male Thread. Suits both 232 and 300 BAR DIN Cylinders - Pre 2012 Models

R 438.75

Ronin .25, .30, .357

R 3,955.00
  • Ronin is big and bold, I love the looks of him on my guns even my compact bullpups. Maybe a little overkill for the .177 and .22 but it looks so damn awesome!
  • Available in .25, .30 and .357 calibers
  • 1/2 x 20 UNF, Vulcan (M14x1.25) and FX (M20x1) rear caps available
  • Mono-core design to increase accuracy and limit the chances of pellet clipping
  • No moving parts or epoxy that may become loose after 1000's of rounds
  • Precision CNC'd by professional machinist
  • Sand blasted and anodized for maximum durability
  • Take apart in less than 10 seconds by unscrewing the rear end cap and pushing back the mono-core. No silly hex key or torch needed when you want to perform maintenance inside the unit.
  • Customizable, you can further dampen the sound by wrapping the interior tube with different sound absorbing materials.
  • Comes pre-wrapped in felt
  • Machined grooves on the outside for easy handling.
  • Weight 10.4 oz

S6 six shot magazine

R 438.00

Sam Yang/Seneca Big Bore M18x1 Adapter #A26

R 712.00
  • Features:
  • Made by CNC for accuracy
  • Material is 6061 T6 Aluminum
  • Matte black anodize
  • Diamond pattern knurling for easy grip
  • Compatible up to .357 to .50 cal
  • Please note* Sam Yang has two different types of barrel threads, M16x1.5 and 5/8x18. Best way to determine which threads you have is to go to a hardware store and pickup one of the bolts. If the bolt does not screw on then it must be the other size. If your barrel is too close to the fill probe you will need to get the extended adapter version. I currently do not have the short version of the 5/8x18.

Scope Rail Picatinny Option

R 1,486.26

Best Fittings
Screw in Silencer Adaptor. Suits FX Verminator...Black Anodised Aluminium. Complete with Thread Protector End Cap.

R 601.25
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