The Vulcan, a Benchmark

Shaun McLaren 2017-05-26 16:03:50

Hi Guys,

I thought I would take a moment to share my story with you. Being an avid Air gunner for several years now,  I have been fortunate enough to own a number of high end PCP air rifles ranging from Daystate to Kalibrgun, you name it I have had my hands on it!

What I have however discovered over the years, is that once bitten by the bug of the air gunning world we all find ourselves chancing one common goal, that goal being perfection!

In my pursuit of perfection, I was introduced to the Airgun Technology Vulcan range of air rifles through Eugene Van Wyk at Airgun Nut and it changed my world.

I purchased the rifle in 5,5 calibre along with the Huggett moderator as suggest by Eugene.

After taking the rifle out to one of the farms I frequent and putting it thoughts paces it was clear that this rifle and platform had the potential to be great! I took the rifle home cleaned and polished the barrel, chronied it, adjusted the power, worked out my BC, scope height and all the variables that form a complete and accurate shooting solution.

On my next visit to the farm, I was completely blown out of the water by this rifles performance! Accuracy was second to none producing a 22 shot group (2 magazines), at 25m, of only 7mm in diameter (one holing all the way). This can clearly be attributed to the rifles hammer forged CZ barrel which are notorious for supreme accuracy.  I decided to move out to the 50m mark put 11 shots on target producing a group of between 9-10mm. It was then that I realized I was hot on the heels of that perfection we all long to find! 

As with us all, once you know what a rifle can do at 25m, you want to know what it can do at 50m, and from there on 100m and so on, and so I decided to really stretch the legs on the Vulcan, putting up a shoot and see target at 100m. I put 11 shots down range walked down to the target and realized “this is the gun”, truly one of those guns that can make you sit there with a silly grin on your face and appreciate the sport!  I had managed put 10 out of the 11 shots into a hole a little smaller than a R5 coin (Photo attached) with one flyer, which was probably a bad pellet.

Since then, I have spent hours with the rifle and come to appreciate all its well designed and superbly engineered features, from the butter smooth side lever cocking to ease of loading, great efficiency and shot count, it is truly the complete package of perfection in a bull-pup air rifle.

To date the Vulcan has become my go to gun, having achieved shots in excess of 150m on small game and targets,the Vulcan has truly made shooting a pleasure. Leaving me amazed and putting many a silly grin face on my face, the Vulcan has in my opinion become a benchmark for others to strive toward!

Should you find yourself in the very same “Pursuit of perfection” I would highly recommend visiting  to see the full spec of these rifles or contacting Eugene directly for a chat, he is always willing to help! 

Get your hands on the Airgun Technology Vulcan. It may very well end that search! My next question is, where to from here!


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