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AEA Precision Airguns SA
Challenger Pro HP Precision Rifle

  • Tactical, skeleton Bullpup
  • HIGH POWER 80 ft/lbs of energy
  • 950 fps with 34 gr
  • shoots both pellets and slugs
  • Regulated
  • Integrated Shroud
  • Foldable Tactical Butt-Stock
  • Sidelever
  • Adjustable power
  • 350CC cylinder
  • Adjustable Cheekpiece
  • Pull adjustment

AEA Precision Airguns SA
Element ... the F1 of PCP's that still carries a hefty 40fpe + punch

  • All of parts made of the high performance carbon fiber and magnesium alloy by CNC machining,
  • 18 inches Match Grader barrel and integral real Carbon Fibre shroud silencer,
  • 300 Bar max fill pressure .
  • Power and Accuracy @ only 1,27 kg (2.8 pounds). (only slightly heavier than 1 liter of water)
  • Light enough for Jnr and small framed people to handle with one hand.
  • Performance and very light weight, with no compromise when it comes to quality. CNC billet Magnesium Alloy is used in all structural parts that require precision and strength.
  • With its folding stock it can easily fit into a backpack.
  • With an optional bigger cylinder and 150 Bar regulator

AEA Precision Airguns SA
HP Bullpup SA

  • High Power .22 Cal 70 ft/lbs. (90 Joules)
  • Ergonomic Bullpup design
  • Semi Automatic
  • 300 Bar Filling Pressure , 400 ml cylinder
  • 12 shots Magazine
  • 24" / 600mm Barrel
  • 35" / 875mm overall length
  • Picatinny Rail Scope Mount

AEA Precision Airguns SA
HP Series , Pistol / Carbine / Bullpup and rifle in Bolt Action and Semi- Automatic (Changeable)

  • In the this price range , their performance is peerless. Although the price is low, the products of this series we also keep use of high quality aviation aluminum by CNC Machining! and the high quality hard anodized surface. With excellent shooting accuracy and durability. The standard AR rear support interface, the user is spoilt for choice.
  • Easily reconfigure from pistol to compact stocked pistol / carbine / rifle , cylinder to bottle, standard to semi -automatic and beyond. Truly a flexible shooting platform adaptable and upgradeable

AEA Precision Airguns SA
TAC 450 & 650 standard and Semi Automatic Models

  • This is a powerful bullpup PCP. externally adjustable air regulator, the air quantity and hammer force all adjustable. Changeable from. 177-. 30CAL. Accurate with both pellets and slugs. The new structural design allows the 18 inch barrel version resulting in an astonishing 25 inches (625 mm) (overall length with Integral shroud silencer. The match grade barrels ensures precision shooting.

AEA Precision Airguns SA
The Terminator (SA .22 , export .357)

  • Terminator is arguably the most powerful semi-auto air gun in the world.
  • With a front and rear double cylinder structure, the whole gun has 700 CC of air. With an optional extension to 1000CC.
  • The rear cylinder is removeable whilst under pressure allowing customers to carry spare,.
  • Hot swap cylinders to meet the demand of a HP 5.5 to 9 mm semi-automatic air gun’s air consumption.
  • With 10 to 12 rounds magazine, the overall design is simple and reliable.
  • It is relatively light and high accuracy.
  • The Integral muffler can effectively control the substantial Bark of this powerhouse.

AEA Precision Airguns SA
The Trident (5 shots groups at 200yards with sub 1 to 0.5 MOA Groups !!!

  • TRIDENT is a HP PCP using an electromagnetic valve in conjunction with a high stability regulator.
  • Highly stable at high power output
  • Adjustable Power
  • High energy allows a shooter to shoot a larger ballistic bullet.
  • Take advantage of long-range shooting or equally at home on a Benchrest range .
  • We tested the precision of the TRIDENT 5 shots group at 200yards in sub 1-0.5MOA in the outdoor conventional condition.
  • Choose, single shot or semi-automatic mode.
  • TRIDENT extends the hunting range of traditional air guns from 100 yards to 200 yards.

AEA Precision Airguns SA
Zeus (most powerful mass production PCP in the world) Only available as a special import (not for sale in SA, Export only)

  • The most powerful mass production pcp rifle in the world!
  • 1500ft/2000joule
  • Long range High energy Shooting, where energy transfer is more important than shot count
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